Yeah, but what do you do

For those of us who have made a career in Experiential Marketing, there has not always been an easy way to explain just exactly what it is that we do. Ours is the "Event Life," whether that's putting cans in hands or putting miles under the tires of a tour vehicle. 

The AAEP is the organization of "us," the Field Managers, Tour Managers, Product Specialists, Brand Ambassadors, Promotional Models, Emcees, Production Managers and the wide and assorted mix of people who make up the XM Industry. 


"I always knew a traditional "nine to five" office structure wasn't appealing to me. I love flexibility, variety, and choices. When I started working in the event industry, I found I could make a living doing work that was a lot of fun and was different everyday. Whether it's a different location, role, or brand, it's a rewarding challenge everyday.

Being a member of the AAEP is important for a professional in the event industry. The industry is evolving, so it's important to align yourself with an organization that sets high standards and provides continued learning and development.

Many times event staff receive very little training, sometimes via email or a short training call, if at all. An organization that can provide a training platform is a necessity for the industry.

Holding event staff to the standards that they agree to as members will help agencies and brands differentiate between candidates who have skills and knowledge and not just a long resume. 

I'm excited about the AAEP because it's an organization of like-minded professionals promoting high standards in the event industry!"

Amber Levan - AAEP Charter Member
DOT Certified Mobile Tour / Event Manager

Event Production / Field Manager / Promotional Specialist experiential marketing event marketing brand ambassador


The AAEP is "professionalizing" the Experiential Marketing Industry. 

Never before have we had a membership organization that we can belong to, in the same way that doctors have the American Medical Association or realtors have the National Association of Realtors. 

Now it's more than gig-to-gig. 

Now it's a legitimate career.

Career Development for Professional Brand Ambassadors and other XM staff

Because the Experiential Marketing Industry is made up of independent contractors, who is providing professional development, the coaching, the mentoring?  

We are. 

Now, for the first time, AAEP members have access to an organization that will help advance their career.